An easy step-by-step Handwriting Club for early stages of handwriting development. 


    So many times children display struggles with "handwriting"  when what they really need is to spend time learning the basics so that their handwriting can develop. Handwritng Club will provide the right pre writing activities to seamlessly prepare your child for great handwriting.


    Why include gross motor skills in a handwriting club? 🙄Gross motor skills are an essential part of child development.  Unfortunately, they are often pushed aside in lieu of sitting still.


    Nothing says handwriting development like fine motor skills.  But they don't develop with unicorns🦄 and fairy dust🧚🏼‍♀️.  Fine motor skills are essential for life and need to be taught and experienced.

Here's What You Get... 

A private platform that holds videos, activities and handouts so you can find it all easy peazy! 

  • Step by Step 

    • Pre Test
    • Activity Calendar
      • Daily
      • Or a few times a week
    • A 'la cart Activities

    You get to choose!

  • Handy Work! 

    • Fine Motor Skills Lesson
    • FUN Activities
    • Fun Sheet Handouts
    • Videos
  • Move it Move it! 

    • Gross Motor Foundation Lesson.
    • Silly Activities 
    • Videos
    • Fun Sheet Handouts
  • But First!

    • Printing Progression Lesson
    • Stress Free Activities
    • Videos
    • Fun Sheet Handouts

Nicole is energetic, likable and in tune with the child.  Her nature allows for a fun way for my child to be motivated and confident.


Mom of 5 year old Benny

As a parent, I feel less frustrated and more empowered with the specific ideas and tools.  My daughter definitely feels way more excited about homework and handwriting.



Mom of 2 girls 3 and 4




Get my occupational therapy ideas right at your fingertips so that your kids have everything they need to be great at handwriting! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Legible Handwriting for Kids Foundations Workbook 

Downloadable Workbook for Print Handwriting

  • Notes to Awesome Adult

    Each lesson has a note for you, an action items checklist, materials needed, expected timeframe, and objectives. So you will know exactly what to do!

  • Set up for Success

    From recommended supplies to setting up your workspace, this workbook includes all you need.

  • DIY or Follow the Calendar 

    You can follow at your own pace at a time that works for YOU.  There is also a suggested 4-week calendar included, so all you have to do is show up. 

  • Fun Fridge Sheets

    Put these on your refrigerator front and center.  Fun Sheets on letter size, spacing, and the most common errors made.

    Easy-to-use !

  • Practice Activities

    No random practice here!  Each lesson builds on the next.  When you get to the practice section, you will be reinforcing and expanding what you have just learned. Making progress a piece of cake!

  • Certificate of Completion

    Includes a printable certificate to commemorate the improvement!

What The Cool Kid's Say... 

Ages 6 and up.

What I learned with Ms. Nicole really improved my handwriting.  I even helped me when I learned cursive."


2nd grader

"Now the kids in my table can read my papers without bothering me."


Rising 3rd Grader 

"I cant believe how fast my handwriting improved.  I thought it would be 6 months and it was less than 2 weeks!"


Rising 7th grader.

Hi there,


Looking for resources to help your kiddo?


Been there done that! And I know the Alice and Wonderland rabbit hole search it can lead you down. Lucky for you, I can help.


In addition to being an occupational therapist since 1995, I have had the pleasure of being a mom to 3 adultish kids. 


Yes,  I was an OT before I was a mama and that did bring me a level of comfort that most moms don’t have but...It also brought a 💩 ton of unrealistic expectations, doubts, and surprises that made my parenting journey a rollercoaster just like yours. 


What helped me the most is that I know the immense value of having an expert sit with you when you want to know “What the heck do I do here?!”  


So, yes you guessed it, I always had an expert on my speed dial or bedside table to help me, parent.


This is your chance to have a parent that’s been through it, an occupational therapist and an executive function coach sitting with you at your kitchen counter helping you figure out your next best step.  


After 25 years of clinical practice, 8 years in the school system, creator of a step-by-step system for legible handwriting, an intensive executive function coaching program, I know I want to bring parents the solutions they can only get when they have practical information that they can apply in everyday real life.

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