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  • Do you find your self wondering if handwriting is important for our kids?
  • Do you find your self telling your kid to write neater only to have their writing come back the same or worse?
  • Are you wondering where you should begin to clear up your child's writing?
  • Is your child just lazy?
  • Do you wonder why the workbooks don't work?

I got you! 

Golden Rules of Spacing. Get the best ways to get your child to leave space between words=legible handwriting.

Handwriting Research. 5 pieces of current research from pre-school to college age.

What NOT to Say.  Learn exactly what I tell the kids I work with to make changes in their writing. 




Nicole shares helpful information in a clear, warm and friendly way that helps parents help their kids.

Mike H.

Father of 2

Hi there,


Looking for resources to help your kiddo?


Been there done that! And I know the Alice and Wonderland rabbit hole search it can lead you down. Lucky for you, I can help.


In addition to being an occupational therapist since 1995, I have had the pleasure of being a mom to 3 adultish kids. 


Yes,  I was an OT before I was a mama and that did bring me a level of comfort that most moms don’t have but...It also brought a 💩 ton of unrealistic expectations, doubts, and surprises that made my parenting journey a rollercoaster just like yours. 


What helped me the most is that I know the immense value of having an expert sit with you when you want to know “What the heck do I do here?!”  


So, yes you guessed it, I always had an expert on my speed dial or bedside table to help me, parent.


This is your chance to have a parent that’s been through it, an occupational therapist and an executive function coach sitting with you at your kitchen counter helping you figure out your next best step.  


After 25 years of clinical practice, 8 years in the school system, creator of a step-by-step system for legible handwriting, an intensive executive function coaching program, I know I want to bring parents the solutions they can only get when they have practical information that they can apply in everyday real life.

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