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  • Do you find your self wondering if handwriting is important for our kids?
  • Do you find your self telling your kid to write neater only to have their writing come back the same or worse?
  • Are you wondering where you should begin to clear up your child's writing?
  • Is your child just lazy?
  • Do you wonder why the workbooks don't work?

I got you! 

Golden Rules of Spacing. Get the best ways to get your child to leave space between words=legible handwriting.

Handwriting Research. 5 pieces of current research from pre-school to college age.

What NOT to Say.  Learn exactly what I tell the kids I work with to make changes in their writing. 




Nicole shares helpful information in a clear, warm and friendly way that helps parents help their kids.

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Father of 2

Meet the Author:
Nicole Santamaria OTR/L


Nicole has been an occupational therapist since 1995 with a vast experience in pediatrics and adults. She is NDT trained with a strong foundation in development and is high skilled in fine motor, visual motor and handwriting skills. 


She is currently a school therapist for Miami charter schools and is also providing private occupational therapy services specializing in handwriting instruction, remediation and early readiness skills to children in the Miami area. Nicole has received the highest level of certification in this area as a Level 1 handwriting specialist by the popular Handwriting Without Tears Program. 


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